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Implement Data Mining and Machine Learning

  into Your Water Systems

Decision Makers Ltd uses IBM cloud infrastructure to support its customers.

Our Story

Decision Makers Ltd. focuses on transforming data into knowledge, by combining new proprietary algorithms with reliable public-proven algorithms into easy to use, low-cost software components. Our application-specific components for event detection, optimization, and numerical prediction allow our users to focus on WHAT and not on HOW.


Scalable &


Mindset Detector is a cloud-based service.

Suitable for all water utilities.  

No upfront investment.

Payment is made on a monthly basis.

Pay per running model.

Guidance and calibration is included

Event Detection

Abnormality detection in water is much like detecting credit card fraud.

What is your Gain?

The gap between the detectors’ thresholds and regulation limits gives the water utility the option to react ahead of time.

Mindset Detector

is constructed of logical components called “Detectors”. A detector is an algorithm, which is trained to detect a specific abnormality in data.

Machine Learning

A detector that raises alarms when required is considered more reliable over time, and its alarms gradually receive a higher priority.



The special model detects abnormalities when the measurement in a station deviates from the expected value, computed according to the water quality at the origin station.


Our Customers


Meet The Team


Barak Brill

Algorithm Expert

Statistics Ph.D. Student 

Tel Aviv University


Dr. Eyal Brill

CEO and software developer


Adi Brill Britvin

Code developer and servers infrastructure expert

B.Sc. Computer Science

Holon Institute of Technology


Michael Britvin

QA, Marketing, and special solutions provider

EE MS.c. Student

Ariel University

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