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Detector-EDS Micro

The “MicroEDS” is an Event Detection System (EDS), design to run on top of SBC (Single Board Computer). It is a software platform that utilizes machine learning (ML) technology to detect abnormal conditions both in-process and hardware. Its mission is to detect pending problems in an industrial environment before they developed into severe problems.

Remote Access

The MicroEDS can be accessed remotely and securely using VNC protocol

Cloud Backup

Decision Makers LTD supplies automatic backup of the MicroEDS model and data. Based on IBM cloud services an automated backup services and storage of customer’s data are implemented.

Fast installation

All algorithms have a self-learning capability and a default setup, which shortens the system’s initial installation.

False Alarms Filtration

Historical data can be displayed in various forms: Histogram, Time Series, or X-Y scatterplot.

Calibration and Tuning

Using the cloud backup (or ad hoc data transfer), Decision Makers supplies a calibration process for the MicroEDS. This calibration procedure aims to guarantee a low rate of false-positive and false-negative alarms.

Sensitive and Adjustable

Adjust for model sensitivity or set a target value for false positives and false negatives.

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