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The Spatial


The Spatial Model is an EDS module that allows the EDS to detect abnormal water quality measurements across a network. The model utilizes proprietary algorithms for building adaptive thresholds for the water quality measurements across the monitored network.

The main challenge in doing so is adjusting for the flow time of water between stations (water age). With enough data, the Spatial Model is able to estimate the time required for water to flow between network nodes. Thus, it is able to answer the question: "Given this water quality at the water source, what water quality can I expect to see at measurement location X inside the water distribution network?"

Flow time estimation by the Spatial Model is conducted based on the historical data of the water distribution network. Flow time may be estimated for different flow regimes by hours of the day and days of the week. The Spatial Model can thus also be used to validate the results of hydraulic models.


Smart Event


Detect abnormal water quality events on a network scale. Adjust to changing water quality between seasons and time of week/day.

Statistical Estimation of Flow Time

A Statistical Model is used to estimate the correlation between stations across different times.

Fully Incorporated

Into EDS

The Spatial Model is an integral part of the EDS, requiring minimal additional installation.

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