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Detector-EDS Desktop Client

Mindset-Desktop client is a desktop application that allows many users to work simultaneously with the EDS server. The Desktop Client allows you to monitor water quality, perform event classification and events detection from wherever you are. The installation of the software is easy and simple. Secure communication allows any user with a suitable name and password to see the status of monitoring stations on top of a Google map. The application allows for generating a variety of graphs, data tables, and reports. Even an inexperienced user can learn to run the software effectively within less than an hour.

Detector-EDS Desktop Client is signed with a Microsoft Certificate.



Tree View

Tree view shows all models and their status.

Events Classification

Enables events classification using predefined categories.

Google Map

Current data is displayed at the top of Google Maps.

Report Generation

Simple interface for report generation enables viewing both historic and updated reports

User-Friendly Interface

no need for programming skills.

Historical Data

Historical data can be displayed in various forms: Histogram, Time Series, or X-Y scatterplot.

 Easy Installation

Very easy to install on any computer.

Monitoring Station Status

A dashboard gives the user a quick report about the monitoring station status.

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